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About Us

Leaders of convenience
and taste

Gourmet Break is your multi-brand food supplier of choice, specialising in home-cooked gourmet meals that have been designed with a combination of convenience and nutrition as our priority. Our ever-evolving menu is now proudly across 3 brands – Absolute Gourmet, Gourmet Break and XiYue, all stemming from common grounds of making healthy food enjoyable through recipes being inspired by authentic cuisine.

We guarantee peak freshness and quality control throughout our entire range with our product coming cooked and chilled or snap frozen. Our exceptional product lines backed up by reliable delivery and customer service are part of the Gourmet Break being powered by a team of industry experts that are dedicated to ensuring Australian’s eat well on every occasion. 

Gourmet Break is and always will be motivated by reaching higher grounds in the food industry and shaping the definition of ready-to-go meals. While we acknowledge the pre-packed meal industry is saturating the market, we also hold great awareness in the fact that it is also heavily linked with diet culture and production of the meal compromises quality. An integral part about what we do is intensive research in working on recipes to provide food that sets us apart and revolutionizes the way convenient meals are seen.

With an ongoing goal to strive for culinary excellence throughout all brands, we act with thought and care when making choices on our selection and level of quality in ingredients and produce. The team at Gourmet Break are extremely passionate about what they do and are attentive to catering for various lifestyles and food choices of today’s consumer which was the catalyst for our range providing ample vegan and vegetarian options, superfoods as well as no added MSG, preservatives and artificial colours. Above all, we are proudly made on Australian soil to ensure freshness and the best service possible.

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