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Made with ingredients with a purpose

Get all the authentic flavours straight from your freezer with Xiyue’s range of gourmet meals. Snapped frozen for your convenience and ready for enjoyment in just minutes.

Available Products

Braised Trotters with Soybean

Braised trotters coated in delicious, rich soybean sauce

Seasoned Salt Baked Chicken

Tender and tasty chicken cooked the authentic way

Black Bean Pork Ribs

Hearty pork ribs with black bean

Chilli Bean Chicken Feet

A yum-cha classic

Pork Knuckles with Ginger Stew

A traditional Cantonese cuisine

Ox Tripe in Satay Sauce

A wonderful source of protein and healthy fats

Steamed Bean Curd Sheet Roll

A scrumptious breakfast, lunch or dinner option for all

Traditional Shrimp Paste with Pork Belly

Where savoury meets sweet

Pork Mince with Prawn & Water Chestnuts

Minced pork and prawn with antioxidant packed water chestnuts

Cantonese Style Lamb Hotpot

A succulent lamb winter food

Cantonese Style Fish Mince

A wonderful and versatile addition to any meal

Cantonese Style Beef Mince

The perfect filler for any meal

BBQ Pork Bun

A favourite among children and adults as the perfect snack or starter to a meal

Traditional Cantonese Prawn Dumpling

Tasty shrimp wrapped with a translucent powder

Pork Mince with Sun-Dried Squid

Fresh pork mince with sundried squid for a burst of flavour

Vegetarian Glutinous Rice Cakes

Rich in fibres and protein and suited for every diet

Stewed Trotters in Soy Pepper Sauce

Tender and flavourful

Braised Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce

A perfect weeknight dinner but impressive for serving guest alike

Beef Flank in Soybean Sauce

Tender beef flanks marinated to perfection in tasty soybean sauce

Cantonese Siu Mai

Made fresh and ready to go with lean ground pork

Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables

An authentic signature dish

Steamed Chicken with Cordyceps Flower

Nourishing cordyceps flower alongside steamed chicken

Ba Wang Hua Pork Soup

Best known for being immunity boosting and a Winter essential

Lotus & Red Bean Pork Soup

The perfect soup for getting your dose of essential vitamins and minerals

Pork Tripe & Chicken with Peppercorn Soup

Vitamin packed pork tripe and chicken in hearty peppercorn soup

Chestnut Yam Chicken Soup

Nourishing Chinese herbal soup with sweet chestnuts and protein filled chicken

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